Dr. Rebecca Rouse

Rebecca Rouse

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

626-263-7528/Ex 20


Office Location: Pasadena

Anxiety, depression, unhealthy relationship patterns, trauma, identity issues, infertility, pregnancy and loss, postpartum, parenting

Life often presents difficult obstacles that can stand between who you are and who you want to be. Some obstacles may be overwhelming sadness or worry, not feeling good enough, or unhealthy patterns in your relationships.

As a therapist I aim to provide a safe and open space where my clients feel seen and understood. I assist my clients in gaining deeper awareness into the forces that are creating and maintaining the obstacles in their lives. I strive to help my clients let go of hurtful and self-defeating patterns that are keeping them stuck and develop healthier ways of being and relating to others.

I also specialize in perinatal mental health.  I am passionate about supporting women in all stages of motherhood. From conception to pregnancy to postpartum to parenting, each stage brings its own unique challenges that can be disorienting and overwhelming.

I believe it’s more than a transition—it’s a transformation. At each stage there are physical, emotional, and relational shifts that not only transform your identity but also your relationship with your partner. This is a time when couples, parents-to-be, and new parents need the most support, yet often feel the most alone.

I support women and couples who are struggling with:

  • Infertility or difficulty conceiving
  • Pregnancy or infant loss
    • miscarriage, stillbirth, multiple losses, planned termination
  • Emotional distress during pregnancy and postpartum
    • anxiety, depression, isolation or disconnection, anger, distressing thoughts, grief, shifts in identity and body image
  • Relational issues between partners
  • Attachment and parenting struggles

About Dr. Rouse 

Dr. Rouse is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY28583) in California.  She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, California.  She has worked with diverse clients in a variety of settings, including community health clinics and university counseling centers. She has specialized training in perinatal mental health from Postpartum Support International.

Dr. Rouse also integrates a multicultural framework in therapy and seeks to honor the values, cultures, and identities of each client she works with, including LGBTQ populations. She is also passionate about advocacy and promoting social justice as well as reducing the stigmas associated with mental health issues.

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