About Us

We are relational therapists.  Not only do we specialize in working with relational issues, but we also believe that a critical part of the healing process involves the relationship between therapist and client.  It’s very important that you feel like your therapist is able to understand you, your struggles, and can partner with you in the process of change. 

We work relationally. Increased insight and awareness are important components of therapy, but we also find that an extremely valuable component of therapy includes understanding the therapist-client relationship.  This is one of the most unique parts of therapy--the ability to learn about how you relate to others through the guidance of a relationship expert.  So, if you ever have feelings about your therapist, we are open to discussing your feelings and find it to be extremely valuable in the healing process.  

We value relationships, yet we also understand that reconciliation is not always possible.  Our hope is to work towards healing in how people relate to themselves and others.  We also understand that reconciliation in relationships is not always possible, or even recommended. In fact, there are times when it is critical that we do not work towards reconciliation--particularly when dealing with some dangerous or toxic relationships.  In those instances, we will focus on setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries and safety.  We will help you navigate these extremely complex and difficult situations. You don't need to do it alone!

We respect and are sensitive to religious beliefs and spirituality.  Each therapist at Relate has training and experience with integrating psychology and spirituality in psychotherapy.  While our training has primarily been focused on integrating Christian theology with psychology, we work with people from all faith backgrounds. Additionally, we focus on religious/spiritual issues in therapy if that is an important part of our clients' lives.  If religion/spirituality is not an important area of focus, it will not be a focus of treatment. 

We strive to build and foster a healthy psychology practice.  We desire to work with diverse clientele.  Each therapist reduces their fees for a portion of their caseload to ensure that people from different financial backgrounds are able to afford and benefit from therapy.  We also work to build relationships with community organizations—schools, churches, work places, etc—to serve as a resource and participate in the healing of hurting people and broken relationships. 

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